Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Flying, Frogs and Flowers

Good morning all,

At last, the weather is turning sunny!  It makes such a difference doesn't it?  This is definitely my favourite time of year. 

I was at the Claritystampers East workshops at Bawburgh and Great Blakenham over the last two weekends.  It is always great to see everyone and catch up with what is going on.

It was a workshop featuring stencils this time...

 For the first card, we used the Umbrellas stencil to create the background.  Brush ink lightly over the whole stencil, then pick out certain areas to add more colour
Stamp the script from the Journaling set randomly in the gaps
Stamp the Flying Boy and the greeting with black

This is another version, using stronger colours and adding some splatters

...and this one with the frogs, which I stamped and embossed with green ink and crystal embossing powder
This was the first version I did of the background in my mind the umbrellas looked a bit like lily pads! (I think they are actually tree frogs but maybe they fancied a dip in a pond!)

The final card for today features the lovely Alium stencil, this comes in two parts.
Attach the outer part to the card and brush plenty of ink through.  Keep the stencil in place and stamp the script all over.
Add the inner part of the stencil and sponge lots of black through
Cut to size, edge the card with a black pen, add some Washi tape and mount on the base card
As a final touch, dip dot some black paint in the centres of the flowers.
I will probably add a greeting later

Thanks very much for visiting, enjoy the rest of your day!
Janet xx

Friday, 18 May 2018

Another catch up!

Good morning!

I am up and about early today, I always wake up much earlier in the spring because it is so light in the mornings.  I am very sad to report that none of my house martins have made it back this year.  Hearing the lovely chattering outside the window is one of the joys of spring and summer for me, so I will miss that very much.  There are a few pairs nesting locally, so hopefully they will have a good breeding year and repopulate my nests.  It is very sad that their numbers are declining (along with most other creatures, apart from humans who are multiplying out of control!)

As usual, I am catching up with cards, so here are two from the three way overlay sets.  These stamp set have three parts to each image: an inner an outer and an outline, which you can overstamp in different colours.  I find lining these up incredibly difficult, I think my eyes must have some sort of defect, it always looks ok while I am stamping but it is usually way off, so I decided to use the stamps separately!

I started by adding lots of ink to a piece of stencil card to create an ombre effect.
I stamped the inner and outer parts of the stamp in a pattern using black ink
outline with a fine black pen and mount onto black card
For the background, I stamped the outline all round the edge of the card and coloured in bits here and there.  Edge with a black sharpie pen

I managed to get a decent line up for the second card!
I did the three way overlay, then added some ink to the square gel press petite and 'stamped' that over the top
I added a couple of squiggly black lines round the edge.
Mask this off then brush ink through the matching stencil to make the frame.
add a few splatters and some black paint dots.
Mount onto black card.

Stamps used:
Fossil leaf & stencil
Queen Anne's lace & stencil

This is just a quick look at some older cards, for this one I used the Toadstool and Hares set
I masked off the central square, stamped the leaves around, the removed the mask and stamped and coloured the main image
The fourth card is done by brushing the ink through the lovely aperture stencil and overstamping with the hares.

Thank you very much for visiting, I hope you enjoy your day!
Janet xxx

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

5th Anniversary

Good evening everyone,
Today fb informed me that it was 5 years ago that I did my first blog post.  I can't believe it was that long ago - time seems to whizz by so fast these days. (I know that is a sign that I am getting old!)
It has been very enjoyable, posting cards here and also visiting other blogs, reading the news and finding inspiration for cards.

 The first and second card are done in a similar way:
Stamp the main image on a piece of stencil card, colour in and tear round it.  Now you can use it when you are doing the background to make sure everything is placed correctly.
For the background piece, start by squishing some ink on a mat, dilute a little with water and paint an area a bit bigger than the main topper on the card. Add a few splatters too.
Stamp and stencil to create the background.
Keep placing the topper on the card, so you can get an idea of how it will all look
When you are happy, attach the topper and finish with a few gems

For the third card, I used a lovely piece of card from the petites set, I stamped the trees, bird and Lily in place

Stamp Lily two more times on another piece of the card and cut out different parts of her dress to layer on the main image

Thanks very much for visiting and thank you for sticking with me if you have here for the full 5 years!

Janet xx

Sunday, 8 April 2018

At Last! 4 cards to catch up.

Good morning all,

I hope you are having a lovely weekend.  Sorry it has been a while since I last blogged, but I haven't been feeling brilliant.  I have had a viral infection which has drained me of energy (not that I have much energy at the best of times!)  Anyway, I am mostly better now although I do still have a bit of a cough left.

Four cards to show you today, to catch up a bit:

This one uses the Lily of the Valley stamp set and distress oxides inks.
Stamp the Lily of the Valley in place with a permanent ink
Squish the ink pads on a piece of acetate, spritz with water and add to the card, around the image.
Water colour the image using oxides inks picked up from a mat with a damp paintbrush
Stamp the verse
add some gems
Squiggle a fine line round the edge of the card.

A nice simple card, just stamp the Freesia and verse in place and colour in
Place a heart stencil over the verse and apply a gold colour ink through the aperture
Add a few strips of designer paper for interest

The stamps used are from the Freesia and Mother verse set

For the third card I've used:
Mandalas petite stencils set 1
Mandalas and Mask stamp set
Journalling set
Gel Press Petites set 1

Start by adding ink to the square gel press petite plate, add some texture with scrunched up copy paper and print onto some stencil card,
Repeat until you like your background
Tear round the square
Ink up the stencil with plenty of black ink
Place face down on the prepared square and run through a die cutting machine to transfer the ink
Stamp the mandala on a separate piece of card, colour with pencils, cut out and attach to the centre of the stencil image
On another piece of stencil card, mke the background by stamping various images from the journalling set and sponging and splattering some ink.
Mat onto black card and attach together
Finish with dots of black paint

Last card for today! Using the same stamp sets as the previous card and the Mini word chains 11&12
On two pieces of stencil card, use distress oxides to create the backgrounds,
Cut one piece down and stamp images from the journalling set
On a separate piece of card, stamp three mandalas, colour and cut out to create flower heads
Attach these to the main card, then draw some stems with a fine black pen
Add the words and some paint dots
Add sequins in the centres of the flowers.

Thank you for visiting and I hope to see you again soon!
Janet xx

Thursday, 15 March 2018

Cards from the weekend

Hello everyone,
It has been a while since I last blogged, sorry about that, but I will post several cards.  Since we last met, I have turned 60!!  I can't believe I have got to be that age, I guess if you keep getting up and going to bed day after day it all just adds up bit by bit and suddenly you are the one at work who has been there the longest, rather than being the young inexperienced one.
We've also had the Beast from the East and we certainly had plenty of snow here, I couldn't get in to work a couple of days and we cancelled the Diva Red workshop as the village where the hall is was snowed under.
We did manage to go ahead with the Claritystampers East workshop on the Sunday which was good.  The snow was still hanging around in patches nearly a week later when we had the Claritystampers East workshop in Bawburgh, but travel was back to normal by then.

Here are the cards we made:

Using the Art Nouveau stamps and Abstract Squares stencil and coloured with promarkers

 We made the background by cutting a plastic bag so it folds like a book. then squished and spritzed ink on one side, then folded the other side over and moved the ink around, then opened it up and pressed the card over the top.  Spritz and move the ink around again (without re-inking) to get onother background.  We had to leave the card to dry.  I think there were some people there who could have spent all day just doing that!
Once dry, stamp and colour the main image and add the stencil design round the edge

The last card looks simple, but it took a while!  It is a repeat of the sample card I made and blogged earlier.

It was lovely to see people again, we had had quite a long break, so it was great to see everyone again and catch up with our crafting!

I won't leave it so long till I blog again,
Thanks for visiting and see you again soon,
Janet xxx

Friday, 23 February 2018

More art nouveau

Good evening,

I hope you are keeping warm!  It has been pretty nippy round here!  I found a little hedgehog out and about during the afternoon.  I know enough to know that means they are in trouble, so I brought it in and kept it warm, offered food and water and have now found a lady who will look after it properly.  Hopefully it will make it through the winter and maybe I'll get it back to release in the garden in spring. I weighed it and it was far too small to hibernate, hopefully it will have a chance now.

So looking forward to spring, the cards today are floral and spring coloured.  Both done using the Clarity designer card and the Art Nouveau stamps

The main image is stamped and coloured.  The Snowdrops are left white but have some glitter pens over the top.
I tore round the frame and mounted on dark green cardand tore round that too.
For the background, I chose a matching piece of designer card, blended dark green ink  through bits of the stencil and stamped 'For You' in the same green ink round the background.
I tore the card in half and curled up the torn edges, then attached to a white base card.
Attach the main image to the front and add gems/sequins to finish.
Stamp the word 'Snowdrops' on a spare piece of card and add to the front of the card
Stamps used:
Art Nouveau Snowdrops and Tulips
Art Nouveau Sentiments
Abstract Squares stencil

For the second card, I stamped and coloured the Poppy Fields image and stamped the words in place.  colour in, cut ti size and mount on matching card
Stamp the image again on spare card, colour the flower heads and cut out.
Choose a matching piece of card from the designer card range and cut into squares and rectangles.
Arrange on the base card and add the main image and loose flower heads
Stamps Used:
Art Nouveau Bed of Roses and Poppy Fields
Designer card packs - Petite Edition

Thanks for visiting, I can hear the little hedgehog rummaging around, so I hope that is a good sign!
Janet xx

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Valentine's card

Good morning,
I hope you are having a day filled with love, actually it would be good if that happened every day wouldn't it?

this is the card we made last Saturday at the Diva Red workshop.  It could be made to suit other occasions, not just Valentine's day.

The heart is actually cut from a beer mat! 
Start by die cutting the alphabet and stick it to the beer mat, then die cut the heart - it is a Sizzix Bigz die.
Paint with black gesso and allow to dry then paint and distress with different acrylic paints until you like what you've got.
Finish by coating with a clear gloss or metallic glaze. Allow to dry.
For the background, stamp the script from the Journalling set
Stamp 'Be My Valentine' from the Art Nouveau words set and cut out.
I added some crafters wire round the heart, then attached the words.
Edge the card with gold paint

All stamps used are from Claritystamp

Thank you for visiting today
Janet xx