Saturday, 22 October 2016

A little gelli

Good evening,

I'm back from the Claritystampers East workshop, which was at Bawburgh today.  We had a lovely time again and some fab cards were produced, but I will wait and show you after the Great Blakenham workshop next Sunday

We did use the gel press petite plates today, so I though I would show you a project from the last set of sample I made.  This was the first time I'd seen the petie gel press plates and they are such fun to use!  I think they are easier to start with than the larger plates.

This is quite a large size, a bit longer than  A4.  I used mixed media cardstock.  I added a light coating of colour to the card before I started, then I loaded the square plate with an orange and a red chalk acrylic paint(sorry, can't remember the exact colours!).  I brayered the paint on, put the leaf stencil on the card and squished the plate over the stencil.  Repeat for each leaf.

Once everything was dry, I used a grey pencil to add some shadow under the leaves and went round the edge of each square with a gold leaf pen.

I enjoyed doing this one!

Thanks for visiting, I hope you have a lovely weekend, The family is out celebrating my parents' 60th wedding anniversary tomorrow!  60 years!!  Quite a feat in this day and age!

Janet xx

Links to items used:
Gel press petite plates
Mega mount 4x4
Fossil leaves petite stencil set

Friday, 21 October 2016

Fourth Anniversary

Hello all,

Today is the fourth anniversary of the Claritystampers East workshops!  It was four years ago to the day that I did my first one in Bawburgh.  I can remember being quite nervous on the day, I didn't know most of the people who were comingand hadn't taught that many people before.  Of course there was no need to worry, everyone was very lovely and we had a great time.

Some ladies on the day were just coming as a one off, but some are still coming and have become friends.  There is much more to card-making than just making cards isn't there?
Sadly, I can't find a picture of the cards we did so today's card is one I did for the last Clarity show on TV.

 I used the new Christmas Bauble set for this one.
I like doing little scenes inside small apertures, and this little bauble is perfect for just that!
I did the frame first, tape a square mask to the centre of the card and stamp the snowflakes round in various colours.
Remove the mask and stamp the bauble in place, then do the little scene and colour in the robin.
The 'Season's Greetings' is stamped on a separate piece of card.
To finish off, I add a fine line round the inside edge of the frame with a black pen and inked round the outside edge.
Finally, I added some white 'snow' inside the bauble and some speckles outside it.

Hope you have a lovely day!
Janet xx

Monday, 17 October 2016

Inky and Painty

Good evening everyone,

I have had a lovely relaxing long weekend - Simon has been away and now that I have Mondays off, I had three days at home to myself.  I cleaned the house on Saturday morning, then got out all my craft stuff (...well not ALL of it, obviously!!) and set about making some cards , none of which I can show you yet!  Sorry!

These two are samples I did a while ago for the Sam's Shapes TV show.  These are fun sets to use.

 For the first one, I brayered acrylic paint onto some mixed media card, then used the paint to 'ink' the diamond stamp and made a pattern down one side, I really like the incomplete image, so I didn't coat the stamp too perfectly!
I did the same sort of thing with the outline oval in a different colour.
Let it all dry, then stamp the images into place with archival ink.
I coloured the Merry Christmas with gold pen
For the second card, I used inks rather than paints, but I can't remember how I coloured the hexagons now.  I guess I inked the solid shape then used the outline over the top, I have obviously cut out a mask to ink the stars through a stencil, then inked through the same stencil for the rest of the background and stamped the outline hexagon round the edge.  Looks like a bit of splattering too!

Back to work and reality tomorrow!

Hope you have a great week.
Thank you for visiting,

 Janet xx

Stamps and stencils used:
Sam's Shapes set 1
Sam's shapes Set 2
Merry Christmas sentiments
Wee folk set 7

Stars from the Festive Stencil set

Monday, 10 October 2016

Peace on Sunday

Good morning!

As many of you will know, I work 4 days a week and normally have Thursdays as my day off.  That has now changed and I am having Mondays off instead.  So no more 'Monday morning' feeling for me!  (Not util Tuesday..!)

Today's card is a very simple and quick Christmas card, it could easily be done as a batch..

I used blue chase, a fab colour from the new Artistry Ink range.
I loaded up a new petite Gel press plate (the circle) with the ink, added a little moon, then pressed onto the card to give me a blue circle with a moon.
I used a little torn paper mash and stamped the small tree in place and added a little shading, then stamp the large tree and the words.
Really easy!
Can you spot the results of my new favourite toy??  Yes, there are some speckles!!  Created by my new speckling brush - every card should have speckles!!
Links to items used:
Pine Tree Silhouette
Gel Press Petites set 1
Word Chain 13

Thanks very much for dropping in, I hope you have a great day!  I am off to visit my sister now, much nicer than going to work!!

Janet xxx

Thursday, 29 September 2016

Weekend Clarity


I'm back in Blogland after a little break.  Last weekend was a Clarity weekend - I did the Claritystampers East workshops in Bawburgh on Saturday and Great Blakenham on Sunday.  It is always good to meet up with everyone again.  We made our first Christmas cards of the year...

In the morning, we made a background, using a brayer to add ink to mixed media cardstock, then dipping one of Sam's shapes (the circle outline) in water and stamping and blotting to lift some colour out.
Cut to size, then add the lovely Merry Christmas ribbon stamp in black archival, stamp the little elf, then add the outline rectangle (or any other shape you fancy!) randomly round the card, making sure to give your elf something to stand on.
Add some coloured ink to a craft mat and pick the colour up with the solid rectangle and stamp into the outline shapes, use different colours in each shape.
Stamp the words into the shapes and I added trees to the upright ones.

Colour the Merry Christmas with a black pen and a gold glitter pen.

The second card is really simple!  Just stamp and emboss three triangle outlines and cut out.  Stamp some stars on the triangles.  For the pot, I used the hexagon shape, stamped and embossed, then cut in half.
Assemble all the shapes on some Kraft card, to make a Christmas tree,
Mat onto some coloured card, the stamp  the Greetings stamp from the Christmas wordchain and add a gem on the top of the tree.
The stem was just a strip of card, with a black line added down the sides.

Our third card is done by inking through the Spruce stencil, then stamping the scene.  Add the Merry Christmas, then go round the edge of the tree with a fine black pen, add a bit of shadow under the tree with a coloured pencil and I did a bit of splattering.
Decorate the tree with glitter and gems

Stamps used:
Sam's Shapes set 1 and set 2
Wee Folk Christmas set 7 and set 8
Merry Christmas sentiment set
Christmas Word Chain 14

Spruce stencil

Thanks for dropping in,
Janet xx

Saturday, 10 September 2016

A Shapely 'Tree'.

Hello there,

Sorry it has been a while since I've last blogged - I'm under a bit of pressure all round at the moment - lots of things to do and not really enough time to get it all done!

Today's card is made with Sam's Shapes.  I am so excited for Sam that she has her own set of stamps, she is such a lovely lady,  I just used the square, both the inny and the outy.
I inked the solid square with green and stamped, starting from the bottom,
then masked and stamped the others in place, alternating between straight and angled..
I used the line stamp to edge them in black (still remembering to mask!)
I drew round the outlines and added the pattern with a fine black pen
I used a pen and ruler to add the trunk
Stamp the words in place.
Add a few gems.
A bit quirky- but I rather like it!

Hope you have a fab weekend!
Janet xx

Monday, 29 August 2016

August workshops

Hello folks,

Are you having a good bank holiday weekend?  It's always good to get an extra long weekend isn't it?

On Saturday, it was the Claritystampers workshop in Bawburgh and last Sunday at Great Blakenham, so today's cards are the ones we did there.  
I always let people choose their own colours when I do workshops, and I am constantly amazed at the beautiful colour combinations people use.  I learn so much!  I also enjoy how everyone can be given the same raw ingredients and yet the finished results can be so different!  One of these days, I will get it together to remember to take some photos.  (Ladies if you are reading this - remind me!!)

We did all the cards with one stamp set The Bird and Flower Row and one stencil The F[oral Stripe

For the first card, I used a technique I learnt at the Clarity Retreats recently, Tape the stencil to the card, the sponge white acrylic paint through - two light coats is better than one heavy one, so you don't squish under the stencil.  Remove the stencil and allow to dry, then add lots of lovely bright coloured inks.  The paint will resist the ink, and you can wipe over the paint to get it a bit whiter.
I used my new Artistry inks for this - they are rather fabulous!!  As  a couple of finishing touches, I drew a black line round the edge of the stencilled area (makes a huge difference to the finished look!!) and also highlighted the flowers with a pencil and paper stump.
On a separate piece of card, stamp the birds, and sponge the same colours over them too, then cut out and add to the stripey background.

For the second card, we did a Brusho/Burst background in blues, and lifted a bit of the colour to make a sky, allow to dry, then brush with talc and stamp and emboss the birds, then paint them with diluted Burst/Brusho.  I used some grey under the line to make a branch

For the third card, the main strip is done by stamping the flowers in different colours, brushing the same colour over that area of the card, then lift the colour from the flower with water and blotting with kitchen roll, then adding lots of dots.  (I don't think this shows very well here!)
The background pieces are just stamped and brushed with inks.

I'm off the get Christmassy - samples to make for the Clarity TV show at the weekend!  I know folks moan it is too early, but there really aren't that many card-making days til Christmas!

Hope you enjoy the rest of your BH weekend,  thank you for visiting.

Janet xx